Address: P.O. Box 3657, Laguna Hills, CA 92654
Voice: (949) 635-0352, Fax: (949) 713-4671

About Us:

A1 Alpha is a leading provider of technology solutions to image intensive applications. Our team is focused on the development, sales, marketing and support of our solutions in the fields of medical imaging, video surveillance and general image analysis and video streaming.

A1 Alpha is a privately-held company, found in 1987 and currently headquartered in Orange County, California. Orange County is located in the heart of Southern California and has one of the fastest growing technology communities in North America.

In addition to its extensive line of off-the-shelf products, A1 Alpha provides an array of custom development and project management services, offering its customers the advantage of its experienced, result-driven team members and strict project management and cost control.

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